Printing services

The studio offers the printing of your projects in small quantities (1-1000 ex.) on any kind of art material (not cylindrical or round materials). Our clientele is comprised mainly of professionals from the arts and design fields, but also from small businesses and individuals. We can print on paper, wood, acrylic, concrete, textile or any other material that you would like to test. Whatever your project might be, don’t hesitate to submit it to us so that we can evaluate the feasibility.

Sculpture by Jennifer Small
1-colour print on cellophane and cardboard

Poster by Monarque
2-colour print on holographic paper

Glass identifiers by Panoplie
Screenprinting on EVA foam

Installation by La Camaraderie
3-colour print on wood

Certificates of authenticity by David Rubio
4-colour print on cardboard

Commemorative sign par Daily tous les jours
2-colour print on wood

Poster by Jean Lambert dans l’Appareil
2-colour print on paper

Visual identity Cavale by Bureau Principal
2-colour print on cardboard

Movie props for «The Walk» by Zemeckis (2015)
1-colour on cardboard

Accessory for tv-series «Mensonges» by TVA
3-colour print on cardboard

Art reproduction for the comedian Laurent Paquin
14-colour print on paper

Advertising trophy by Lg2
1-colour print on Ductal concrete

Screen-printing is an astonishing technique, its flexibility is hard to match: you can print on any type of material, the choice of colours is infinite and the pigment density absolutely incomparable.

Vinyl cover by Haus
2-colour print on paper

Poster by Taxi
3-colour print on paper

Art reproduction for Paul Abraham
8-colour print on paper

Gift certificate by Les Coureurs de Jupons
2-colour print on paper

Wrapping paper by Enzyme
2-colour print on paper

Business cards by Silent Partners
2-colour print on paper

IKUKO yoga bench by Bluecony
1-colour print on wood

Art reproduction for Yoakim Belanger
8-colour print on paper

Business cards by Atelier 3/4 Fort
6-colour print on cardboard

Invitation by Nolin
2-colour print on paper


Please note that we don’t have a set pricelist: the cost of a print depends on a variety of factors specific to each project (choice of printing colours, type of material, colour of the background, format, quantity, precision required, necessity to do tests, deadlines, etc.). All these details are assessed and accounted for when establishing a fair price.

Advantages of screen-printing

The process guarantees a quality that is superior to the majority of other printing techniques, and the intensity of the colours is unparalleled.

The technique is very flexible and allows you to print on textiles as well as on any other material.

The process doesn’t require a lot of equipment and it can be learned fairly easily.